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SUMMER SCHOOL Barcelona 2011



WP5 is dedicated to the entire process of conception, design, preparation, and implementation and follow up of the Summer School courses addressing specifically higher education students, young researchers in water technology, or any other stakeholder that has an interest in participating and deeply focusing on SME's.


Summer Schools: WHEN and WHERE?

Summer schools will be held twice in the project, one in Year 1 (September 2011) and one in Year 2 (September 2012), in correspondence of similar seminars (like WATER Reuse Barcelona 2011 - 8th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation & Reuse that will be held in September 2011 in Barcelona).

The first Summer School will be hosted by ACC1Ó in Barcelona (Spain) and will be scientifically supported by CTM – Centro Tecnológico de Manresa - and by Catalan Water Partnership in Catalunia.


Summer School: THE STRUCTURE

Each Summer School is organised as short course of 1 full week (five working days-excluding travels) for up to 25 participants per week, with a total of up to 50 participants, from different European countries selected from all the requests received during the Application Campaign. All the participants will have the possibility to interact and share experiences and activities with high level experts in the thematic.


Summer School: THE PROGRAM 

  • European water policies (insight on EU and national legislations) and current perspectives
  • EU programmes (FP7, CIP, LIFE+); Social impact and visions; Economic trends
  • State of the art and future trends in water technologies and research
  • Water management in the EU and other major third countries
  • Standpoint of water related European Technology Platforms
  • Examples of water related projects from European regions
  • Uptake of regional water projects: Effective Business Models, Networks & Partnerships; Exchanges of information and data among institutes; Role of Regional Authorities and appropriate interventions; Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Applications and technologies: Technology developments & Regional interventions; Rural Areas; Regulatory framework & related issues; Sustainability of water research in urban areas
  • Sustainability of water research in agriculture and industry
  • Review & Reflection Reporting back; keynote addresses from: Researchers, European Commission, Industry and Regional Government


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