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Rationale and aims


ECRAAL's concern is to give an influential voice to players from Africa, Asia and Latin America in the Union's activities, both internally to the Union and in global affairs: the input of business, educational and public sector actors is essential to building that influential voice.

We are a non-for profit organisation supporting the engagement of Asian, African and Latin American partners in EU research and education policies. The participation of EU interest groups and entities seeking to work with Asian, African and Latin American partners promises to anchor that support and consequently, is actively encouraged in ECRAAL's membership.


ECRAAL's focus is on four “clusters” of research projects and funding:

  • Agriculture & Biotechnology
  • Energy & Climate Change
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • ICT & Nanotechnologies


ECRAAL - European Centre for Research in Asia, Africa and Latin America
Rond Point Schuman 6, 1040 Brussels - Scotland House
Tel: +32 2 282 84 16