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ECRAAL pools together policy, funding and scientific experts in different research clusters contributing in a flexible way to ensure tailored services according to the

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specific needs of each member organisation.

The expertise covers the four clusters: Agriculture & Biotechnology; Energy & Climate Change; Health & Life Sciences, and; ICT & Nanotechnologies.

Specific intelligence and technical assistance supporting services are provided with a comprehensive and holistic approach:  from strategy definition to the active participation in the drafting of EU international research and development priorities and projects’ proposals preparation. Particular attention is dedicated to provide technical assistance focusing on financial and administration during the different projects’ phases (drafting, submission, evaluation, contractual phase, implementation, monitoring, auditing).

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ECRAAL provides an information/operational hub for non-European organisations which need to know more about operating in Europe in the research and higher education sector. Our Services page provides greater detail. Services include:

  • EU intelligence, including Europazine (an overview and analysis of current EU policy and funding)
  • Analysis and interpretation on EU policy developments including briefings and seminars on European public policy and funding
  • Boosting contacts with the European Institutions and providing pathways to key decision-makers
  • Guidance on influencing the EU policy making and priority drafting
  • EU funding and know how support
  • Strategic partnering & networking including scientific experts engaged
  • Conference facilities, meeting rooms and desk space in Scotland House, Brussels

ECRAAL - European Centre for Research in Asia, Africa and Latin America
Rond Point Schuman 6, 1040 Brussels - Scotland House
Tel: +32 2 282 84 16