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The Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) provides centrally managed short-term technical assistance in the field of approximation, application and enforcement of European Union legislation. The role of TAIEX is that of a catalyst, channelling requests for assistance as well as that of a facilitator between the concerned institutions and Member States for the delivery of appropriate tailor-made expertise to address well defined issues at short notice.

flexa plusServices currently provided by TAIEX come in the form of seminars, workshops, expert and study visits; training, Peer Review and Assessment type assistance, database and translation services. The beneficiaries of TAIEX assistance includes those sectors, both public and private, which have a role to play in the beneficiary countries in the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation. Demand driven, most TAIEX assistance responds to requests from the beneficiary countries and Member States. TAIEX is also strategy driven in that requests are addressed in accordance with the priorities identified by the Commission. The strategic approach is also evident in a number of TAIEX’ own initiatives.




Twinning projects involve the secondment of EU experts, known as Resident Twinning Advisors (RTA) to the acceding, candidate countries and potential candidates on specific projects. The RTAs are made available for a period of at least one year to work on a project in the corresponding Ministry in the beneficiary country. They are supported by a senior Project Leader in their Member State home administration, who is responsible for ensuring project implementation and co-ordination of input from the Member State. Different means are used to obtain a successful objective in addition to the RTA, including short-term expertise, training, translation and interpreting services and specialised IT assistance.


Twinning projects are designed to deliver specific results on implementing areas of the acquis in the beneficiary countries based on the priority areas identified in the monitoring and Regular Reports prepared in view of enlargement. Twinning not only provides technical and administrative assistance, but also helps to build long-term relationships between existing and future Member States and brings all beneficiary countries into wider contact with the diversity of practice inside the EU.

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From 2001, a further institution building support service was introduced to fill the gap between the short-term assistance provided by the TAIEX instrument and the longer-term secondments of Member State experts provided through Twinning. Twinning Light is a flexible tool for medium-term assignments, providing Member State civil servants’ expertise for assignments of up to six months, with possible but limited extensions. These civil servants do not need to be permanently located in the beneficiary country, unlike Resident Twinning Advisors. The procedures for these assignments are a simplified form of those currently used under Twinning, and similarly, are aimed at addressing a specific action with regard to adopting the acquis.


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