SIGMA & Technical Assistance involving Investment




A joint initiative of the OECD and the European Commission and principally financed by the European Community, SIGMA is the Technical Assistance instrument for assistance in horizontal areas of public management (Public administrative reform, public procurement, public sector ethics and anti-corruption initiatives, external and internal financial control). SIGMA’s main roles are to assess the progress in reforms, to assist beneficiary administrations to establish good public sector practice and procedures, and to lend complementary support as required to other donor assistance actions. The instrument targets civil service and public administrations, aiming to bring beneficiary countries closer to meeting baseline conditions for a reliable, professional civil service operating in a complete and appropriate legal framework.


Technical Assistance involving Investment


Technical Assistance involving physical investment is concentrated on supporting alignment with EU norms and standards. There are three principle features:

  • Supports investment in key regulatory institutions whose equipment or infrastructure needs to be upgraded in order to monitor and enforce the acquis effectively;
  • Such investments can be supported anywhere in a beneficiary country;
  • Investment in the regulatory infrastructure is only made on the basis of a clear-cut government strategy on public administration reform, modernisation and governance, supported as necessary by Technical Assistance involving transfer of ‘know-how’.


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