INCO-NET: strengthening bi-regional (INCO-NET) and bilateral dialogues



INCO-NET projects aim at supporting bi-regional dialogues in order to :

  • Promote and structure the participation of third countries in the activities of FP7.
  • Promote regional integration as well as identification and the prioritisation of common research areas of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Facilitate the uptake and use of common identified research areas and the monitoring of performance and impacts of international S&T cooperation across the Specific Programmes of FP7.


The INCO-NET projects establish balanced partnerships, regrouping multiple international stakeholders (partners from research, industry, government and civil society) for research actions.


BILAT: networking different stakeholders in order to strengthen research capacity


BILAT projects support the coordination for the enhancement and development of S&T Partnerships and focus on:

  • Improving the process of providing information on programs and funding designed to promote cooperation of third countries in the Framework Programme.
  • Better identifying and demonstrating mutual interest and benefit in S&T cooperation between the EU and specific third countries.
  • Sharing best practices via joint fora such as workshops and presenting the state of the art and the prospects for cooperation in particular fields.
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These actions comprise information and awareness activities, the establishment and reinforcement of information services such as a liaison/promotion structure, a comprehensive website and a mailing database, specialised thematic workshops or special high-level events both at the scientific level in specific third countries and in Europe as well as at the political and policy-making level.


The activity is restricted to third countries, which have signed an S&T cooperation agreement with the EC or are in the process of signing such an agreement.


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