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ERA-NET: developing a European-level approach to international S&T cooperation



ERA-NET projects aim at stepping up the cooperation and coordination of research programmes carried out at national or regional levels in the Member or Associated States through the networking of research programmes, towards their mutual opening and the development and implementation of joint activities. It is expected that these projects will lead to a greater understanding of R&D procedures in countries outside the EU, new opportunities for collaborative research, or the development and adoption of new evaluation protocols and procedures. The launch of a joint call for proposals co-financed by national resources will enhance the synergies with and the impact of the ongoing bilateral S&T cooperation between Member States and third countries.


The ERA-NET Plus action allows the Commission to provide an incentive to the organisation of joint calls between national or regional research programmes by "topping-up" joint trans-national funding with Community funding.


INCONTACT network of the INCO-NCPs


The aim of this project is to reinforce the network of National Contact Points (NCP) for the 7th Framework Programme under Activities of International Cooperation by promoting trans-national cooperation. The action focuses on identifying and sharing good practices.


This entails various mechanisms such as benchmarking, joint workshops, training, and twinning schemes. Practical initiatives to benefit cross-border audiences are included, such as trans-national brokerage events.


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