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The Italian Centre for International Relations (ICIR) was founded as a non-profit organisation in June 2008 by a group of professionals and university professors, brought together by their experience in international relations and cooperation projects, with the aim of:

  • Assisting public entities interested in participating in international institution building projects funded by the EU Institution and other National or International donors. Assistance provided includes designing strategies, defining contents and identifying methodologies in view of the participation to cooperation projects aimed at the strengthening of the Rule of Law and of the institution framework in developing or transition countries (in particular in the Balkans Region and in the Southern Mediterranean countries).
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  • Assessing and fostering the experience acquired in the framework of cooperation and institution building projects by Italian public and private entities, through the exploitation and dissemination of documentation and studies.
  • Holding training courses, university courses and post-graduate programmes, together with universities and specialized institutions on the Rule of Law and the approximation to the acquis communautaire, in developing and transition countries (in particular in the Balkans Region and in the Southern Mediterranean countries).
  • Carrying out, together with Regions and Local Authorities, projects aimed at creating strategic institutional partnership with developing and transition countries, in view of establishing long lasting cultural, commercial and economic cooperation between the Italian system and those countries.


Field of interest:

  • International judicial cooperation, strengthening the judicial system and training of the judiciary.
  • Institutional cooperation aimed at the alignment of national legislation to the acquis communautaire; the strengthening of the institutional framework and the enforcement of EU/EC law, with particular reference to the following areas:

-public procurement


-intellectual property

-consumer protection

-environment and energy

-free movement of persons, goods, services and capital

-infrastructure and transport (including Public Private Partnership).


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  • Protection of human rights and democratization with particular regard to the role of National parliaments; public administration reform.
  • Economic cooperation and development of SMEs, industrial cooperation and development of industrial clusters and productive chains.






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