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Marine Knowledge 2020: marine data and observation for smart and sustainable growth


We cannot begin to forecast the future behaviour of our seas and oceans unless we understand the past. The aim of EU's "marine knowledge 2020" initiative is to transform Europe's fragmented activities for observing the sea into an integrated coherent package that increases efficiency for marine and maritime professionals from industry, public authorities and academia, that encourages innovation and that reduces our present uncertainty as to what is happening beneath the sea surface.

Around the world with ecological vehicles


Teams from three continents have set off from the Place des Nations in Geneva with their electric cars on the longest and greenest race of all time, called the Zero Race. The cars will cross to Moscow and Shanghai and then travel by ship to Vancouver. From there they will continue along the west coast of North America all the way to Cancun, Mexico. In December, the vehicles will be shipped again to Portugal, and travel over southwest Europe to complete the final leg of the global journey. After 80 days, 30,000 kilometres through 16 countries and 150 city stopovers the race will be completed at the end of January 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland.

catch me, patch me!

Voices from Asia and Europe - David Stanners


Mr David Stanners, Head of International Cooperation of the European Environment Agency (EEA) talks about the EU's environmental policy and its impact to Asia and his thoughts on the importance of dialogue in finding solutions to the environmental crisis.

Edulink - ICT4D, Maseno University, Kenya


Dr. Clint Rogers facilitates a session where the students and faculty at Maseno University, Kenya, come up with what they think are 5 Dangerous Trends, and 5 Great Opportunities for ICT4D in Africa.




ECRAAL media gallery

ECRAAL digital library provides up-to-date policy and funding information in different research cluster areas. Focus is given to research projects and best practices offering technology and knowledge transfer opportunities.


Videos are selected regularly and ECRAAL members can have their videos posted on the website every week to increase their dissemination and communication capacity.

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